Wednesday, February 20, 2013

family day

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and for those lucky ducks that had an extra long weekend, I hope you took full advantage of it. I had this whole weekend planned out, visiting with friends and family, hitting up Winterlude and getting a million things done around the house. Well, let's just say that none of the above happened for us. Both kids caught a bug at the beginning of last week and it was still going strong ALL weekend long! Our days consisted on holding crying children, wiping snotty noses and running cool baths... not how we pictured to spend our Family Day holiday, but we did spend it as a family. The kids are on the mend and I am hoping to rid this house of those rotten germs. It breaks my heart when our tiny angels are not well...
This picture sums up the last week around here.
Our little girl couldn't break her fever for days.
She spent most of her days cuddled in bed with all her stuffed animals.
There were a few moments when their energy came back...
Little Miss L. was so disappointed that she missed her Valentine's party at preschool. She still made sure to make her Valentine's when she had a burst of energy. Happy to report she delivered her cards to all her friends yesterday.
She made sure to colour on each and every one of them.
There was a lot of this that went on. As much as I do not like seeing my babies sick and hope this is the last for the winter season. I did however, enjoy our snuggles.

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