Tuesday, January 22, 2013

what i am digging at 17 months

Hey everyone!

Today, mom asked me to do a little guest post on things I am loving these days. Well, I just turned 17 months not to long ago and I must say I am loving life. My parents keep telling me I am a little firecracker. I must agree I have lots of energy and I love love love to climb. There are so many things I like to do in a day but I cut this list down to a few of my favourite activities that keep me occupied for more than a minute:

1. Building Blocks - I love building forts with my blocks and knocking them down the minute I'm finished.

2. Jump-o-lene - I love my Uncle Brady! Yep, for Christmas, he got us this awesome Jump-o-lene. I love to bounce around in it for hours. My mom even gets in from time-to-time for some good ol' fun.
3. Dinosaurs - I love anything that has to do with those awesome creatures. One of my favourite things to do in the afternoon is to pull out my felt board of Dino-land and let my imagination run wild.
4. Cupboards and doors - I absolutely love opening cupboards, doors, pantries, and garbage cans. I love the element of surprise. I never know what I might find. For some reason, mom always seems to have an annoyed look on her face when she comes around the corner and I have reorganized.

5. Trucks and tractors - I love me some big machines! Yellow trucks and tractors seem to be my favourite these days. I love going for a car ride and pointing out the ones I see on the road. I was lucky because on my birthday I received this cool ride. I love to zip around the house on this bad boy.
6. Books - I wasn't the biggest fan of books at first. No way would I sit more than 30 seconds to look at a book. I guess I am maturing as I find them more interesting these days. I love finding a good one to read to my parents or even my great-grandma.
7. Playground - Okay, I will admit it- I am not one who enjoys the cold weather outdoors. My parents must have got the hint as one morning I woke up to this awesome contraption. I loved it the minute I laid eyes on it. I spend a lot of time climbing and sliding without freezing.

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