Tuesday, January 29, 2013

school...say what!

Little Miss L.'s first day of prep school.
I need to freeze time just for a little while. Why, might you ask? Well, these last few weeks have been very busy. We are making some big decisions in our household, one being where we will be sending Little Miss L. to school this coming fall. We are fortunate we live in a location that allows us the choice of five different schools.

We have been to open houses, we have sat through presentations, and explored the grounds. Each school provides pros and cons. Like most parents, we want the best for our little girl and with that comes some hard choices. Questions like: How long will the bus ride be? Will she make friends easily? Do they provide a program I can see our little girl fitting into? Do they have extracurricular activities? Can she handle an all french school, or is french immersion a better alternative? If you ask Little Miss L. whats she likes, her answer is the one with the toys that grabbed her attention upon arrival.

For some reason, I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact she will be attending school this fall. I know she is ready for the next chapter to begin but I think this process is harder for the parents.

Well, this week is registration so we need to come to a decision soon. I always love feedback, so please let me know how you decided what school would best suit your child.

In preparation for school, Little Miss L. is currently taking a prep course for school. For weeks, she said she would not go and even shed some tears. The first day broke my heart as she would not eat a single thing and as we drove down the road towards school she begged me not to take her there. I am happy to say that once she arrived and saw her cubby along with sea of smiling faces ready to play, she quickly left mommy's side. It has been over a week now and each day I arrive to pick up a smiling little girl who tells me how much she loves school. The rest of the evening is spent listening to all of the fun activities she participated in at school that day.

Please, I need to freeze time just a little... my baby girl is growing up too fast! Pin It

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