Monday, January 14, 2013

hello mr.dino

I am going to simply come out and say it - I don't enjoy shopping for gifts. It's just not my thing. I always feel that a gift should be meaningful and I stress out way too much trying to find that perfect gift. I start to overthink it and then in the end, I am left with a mediocre gift that I am not crazy about. This year for Christmas, the hubby and I decided instead of going out and picking up more toys that will someday take over our home from top to bottom, we would take the kids on a few outings.

The first outing we chose was to the Nature Museum. It is one of Little Miss L.'s favourites and it is sad to say, but we had not been in months. Little Miss L. has been throwing out the hints left and right about how much she would love to go back to the museum.

So, we bundled up (literally, as it was minus 40 out that day) and headed downtown to check out the new exhibits. Baby D had only been once before and he was passed out in a milk coma the whole time. We were excited to see his reaction to the dinosaurs as he has started taken a liking to them. Baby D sure did not disappoint - the moment he saw the large creatures, his face lit up, the squeals came out, and he pointed excitedly to the big guys. I absolutely loved walking throughout the museum watching their little faces light up when something peaked their interest.

We went to the musuem on the perfect day as they were having a reptile show. Baby D decided he could not sit still, so Little Miss L. and I attended the show. I am not a huge fan of some of those creepy crawly creatures and I thought Little Miss L. was on the same page - I don't know what took over her that day but she was thrilled to get a front row seat and even touched most of the reptiles including some HUGE snakes! I stayed as far away as I could.

It was a wonderful afternoon spent with my family. While I love watching my children get excited over a new toy, providing them with an opportunity to experience new adventures is more rewarding in the end.
Look, it's a dinosaur mommy! 
I love these three.
Look momma, that's a big one!
Posing with the dinos.

Yeah, that's right, I touched that snake...

...and this little guy.
Wow, that looks like the one who stole my crackers on the beach this past summer!

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