Thursday, June 14, 2012

our short trip to montreal

Monday we jetted off to Montreal for a quick two-day getaway. The hubby had a business conference to attend, so the kids and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go visit our dear friend April. Our trip was short but sweet. Auntie April met up with us on Monday where we dined on great pizza and a few glasses of the good stuff. Once our bellies were full, we walked through Old Montreal. I love love loved walking through the old town. The architecture of the buildings is beautiful, the churches are stunning, and the atmosphere is captivating. To end a wonderful night, we had to stop for some gelato. All and all it was a great evening with awesome company.
Num num, pizza and wine!
Cheers to my good friend April.
Little Miss L. directing Auntie where to go on the streets of Old Montreal.
We loved all of the horse and carriage rides making their way through the streets. Little Miss L. greeted every single one of them with a wave.
In the heart of the Old Montreal. Lots of restaurants, ice cream shops and kiosks to check out.
Baby D getting a little snuggle time with Auntie.
Little Miss L. picks her gelato for the evening.
Enjoying her gelato and people-watching.
Both kids were fascinated with this beautiful water fountain. 
Momma and her babies.
I love this cutie. I also love the fact you can see the leftover pizza and gelato on her outfit.
Lots of smiles while in Montreal.
I love love love Old Montreal.
One of several stunning churches.
Tuesday we woke up nice and early and had a chance to have a quick breaky with the hubby before he had to head for work. Little Miss L. and Baby D loved the hotel breaky. After we had a yummy breakfast, we took a walk to see the ducks and fish. The ducks and the fish seemed to like the little ones, as they came right up to greet us. Later in the morning, our dear friend joined us for a little swimming action. Baby D was so tired from the morning that he took a nap while when went for a dip but Little Miss L. was quite the fish. As she has told everyone since, she flapped her arms and kicked her feet. As we quickly found out, this little girl has no fear. Thanks Auntie April for the swim lessons. To wrap up our trip, we went out for lunch and a quick trip around the mall. Even though we were only in the city for a short period, we still had a chance to catch up with a good friend, enjoy some tasty cuisine, and wander a beautiful city. Thanks April for being such a good tour guide!
Breaky time and yes, she ate this whole plate and more.
My cuties. Baby D pointing out the airplane passing by.
Little Miss L. counting the fish.
This little girl was beyond excited to go into the pool.
Stepping in with Auntie.
Here we go!
She explained to us she was a dolphin.
Little Miss L. demonstrating to Auntie how to kick her feet in the water.
She love love loved her pool time. One very happy girl. 

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