Friday, June 29, 2012

celebrating canada's birthday

Yesterday brought us to the last day of playgroup before the summer break. All the kids gathered to gear up for Canada's big day this weekend. Little Miss L. had a blast hanging out with all of her friends, meeting a few firemen from our local fire department, watching the crazy cowboy, and having a few laughs with Crash the clown. The weather was perfect, we had a fabulous morning :)
Bubble time!
Making some big bubbles.
Baby D fell fast asleep the moment we arrived.
Little Miss L. met Crash the clown.
Look, he made me a giraffe.
Arts and crafts time.
First freezie of the season.
Our entertainment for the morning.
He can balance chairs on his face!
Little Miss L. checks out a fire truck for the first time.
Going to take it for a spin.
Look who decided to wake up. He went straight for the bubbles.
My bubble man.
Taking her girlfriend for a drive in her yellow car.

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