Wednesday, June 20, 2012

celebrating father's day and nan's 87th birthday

It was another busy weekend, just the way we like it. Lots of family time with the ones we love. We celebrated the wonderful men we have in our lives and a amazing grandmother who turned 87 years old. This past weekend was a reminder of how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many strong, courageous, and loving individuals. I have been blessed with many things in my life but I am so thankful for a husband who is patient, loving, and absolutely adores his children. I also want to thank my father, who is a wonderful father and grandfather. Baby D has two incredible men to look up to.

We also celebrated my grandmother's 87th birthday. She has shown me to never give up, to stay strong when you start to feel you cannot fight any longer, to love your friends and family with everything you have because you never know when you may being saying goodbye for the last time. She has been battling that awful C-word but she has never given up, even when she thought she wanted to.

Thank you all for being you!
Little Miss L. was allowed to stay up late to see Nik Wallenda walk across the Niagara falls. This was the perfect opportunity to talk to Little Miss L. about having goals and dreams, and never to give up on what you truly believe in.
A little thumbs up for Nik.
This is the face we got when we told her it was now time to go to bed. I think Nik agrees that she may have a little too much attitude.
It's daddy day and the boys decided to have a little fun.
Daddy and his babies.
Peek-a-boo daddy!
Hey, good lookin' what are you up to?
Both kiddos were tired out from playing with daddy all morning. 
Looks real comfy.
Happy Birthday Nan!
Family shot at dinner.
Someone is happy to be at the birthday party.
Little Miss L. helping Nan blow out her candles.
Little Miss L. licked all the icing off her piece and that of others' but left all the cake...
after the icing overload, someone crashed.
My little angel.

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