Thursday, June 7, 2012

one word... simple

Not often enough, the simple things capture our attention. We often tend to get caught up with what is flashy and loud. This can definitely be true when it comes to children. There are so many toys that fit that description on the market today - you know the ones that squeak, honk, bang and clang.. the ones you want to rip the batteries out of and then stomp on it until it is in a million pieces... if you are a parent, you know the ones I am talking about. I especially love my friends and family for gifting my children the loudest most annoying toys ever - that's why we love all of you!

These days, Little Miss L. has chose to take the more simple route. She is absolutely drawn to a food strainer and pipe cleaners. Countless times, I will glance over to see what she is up to and she is quietly sitting at the table working on her pipe cleaner creation. The other day she thought it would best suit her as a hat. I love love love moments like these - love watching her imagination run wild.

Remember, sometimes simple is better :)

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