Friday, March 23, 2012

bring on the sunshine

Spring is here, which doesn't normally mean picnic season has started, but we have been having abnormal weather- I am talking shorts and t-shirt kinda weather! We aren't complaining, we love spending most of our days outdoors. As soon as the kids wake up in the morning, the first thing Little Miss L. asks is if she can go outside and play.

Wednesday, we had our first picnic of the year. We lathered on the sunscreen, packed our munchies, and hit the park to meet-up with our friends. It was the perfect morning for the kids to get their energy out, and I loved watching Little Miss L. conquer all the fears she had the year before. She flew down the big slide, and wanted to swing as high as she could on the swings!

I can't wait to spend more of our days just like this one...
The girls hit-up the swings.
Big girl conquers the big slide.
Baby E isn't too sure what she thinks of the sand.

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