Monday, March 5, 2012

birthday weekend

As of yesterday, I am officially one year older. As all of you know, I do love love love a good birthday celebration. Unfortunately, it was meant to be a low-key birthday at home with two sick kiddies this time around. My poor babies have been fighting off a virus for four days now. Baby D was so upset that all he did was cry for three days straight... poor thing lost his voice. Both kiddos have been up all night long for the last four days and it is starting to take it's toll and the hubby and I. Even with two sick kiddies, I was still spoiled by my family and friends.

Thursday, I had a nice to surprise gathering for my birthday with my girls. I truly didn't expect anything, but let me tell you, I was beyond grateful for their thoughtful gesture. It was the perfect girls night - full of yummy munchies, wine, great convo, and let's not forget my favourite sugary treat! To end off a spectacular night, I received another one of my favourite things - fresh flowers!! They look beautiful in our home, our sick house seemed a little more cheery with them there.

Friday was spent battling fevers. Cool bathes, wet washes clothes, and lots of snuggle time was taking place in our casa...there was no sleep to be had!

Saturday arrived and the hubby and I could hardly move. We were both walking zombies, along with our children. Baby D just wanted to be cuddle and wouldn't sleep unless we were holding him. The hubby and I had to take shifts- I think we are both in need of a good massage now. We were lucky when my in-laws showed up with a homemade lasagna for dinner. We were able to have a great dinner and settle in for the night, so we thought. Saturday night proved to be sleepless as well.

Sunday arrived and I woke up to being one year older. I was beat and the hubby was nice and let me hit the sheets for a few extra hours of sleep. Once I woke, I was bombarded by lots of birthday hugs and kisses. Little Miss L. made sure to sing Happy Birthday to me about a million times throughout the day. Everyone was still fighting this awful virus, and didn't have much energy besides moving from the bed, to the couch, to the cool bathtub. We were lucky again, as my parents and brother arrived to bring a birthday dinner. We had made plans to celebrate with everyone on Saturday because my father and I celebrate our birthday's four days apart but we had to cancel. It was a great surprise because they decided instead to bring the party to us. We had a fabulous dinner, and what birthday wouldn't be complete without a cake to end the night!

Even though my two kiddos were sick, and I felt like a zombie it was still a wonderful birthday. Thank you to everyone who made it so special and sent their get well wishes to the kids and birthday wish to this old lady. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.
Girls night! Thank you girls :)
The flowers look beautiful.
They brightened our home.
Words can not do justice to how incredibly delicious these cupcakes were.... and let's not forget how pretty they looked too!
My poor baby spent most of the weekend against mommy like this.
This is where Little Miss L. has camped out for the last several days.
When she did get a burst of energy I found her in here.
This is what it looks like when you haven't slept in days.
Little Miss L. made mommy a birthday card - I loved it!
One of mommy's favourite things. The hubby made me some birthday crepes, I could seriously eat these everyday.
My brother and parents know the way to a girl's heart. These two things can make any day better.
A birthday snuggle with my little man.
Little Miss L. made sure to get lots of snuggles in from Uncle Brady.
Time to dig into the birthday dinner. It was sooooo good! Thank you mom and dad.
It is cake time!
Someone doesn't like cake.
Time to blow out the candles. The end to a great year.

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