Monday, March 26, 2012

20 hours later...

Let me start off by saying the beautiful weather we had last week got me in the outdoor kind-of-mood. As I went to Costco last week, I stumbled upon a gorgeous playground - I fell in love as soon as I saw it. I knew it would fit perfectly into our backyard and I knew Little Miss L. would be over the moon excited to have her very own playground just steps from her door. I made a few phone calls, and talked my dear father-in-law into picking up the six large boxes and bringing them to our home. Once there, I made a few more calls and recruited my awesome father and brother to come over this weekend to help us put it together.

Let's just say, I have learned a few very important things this weekend. First, you should really read the instructions before purchasing a product that needs to be put together. I knew it would be no small task but I didn't realize it would be a 20 hour project and no I am not exaggerating! It took three adult men, two days to put this contraption together. Second, always make sure the individuals who are putting together such a contraption are well fed, and lastly, organization and reading instructions are the key to success.

I already knew I had great men in my life but after watching these men spend their entire weekend putting together a playground just to make one little girl very happy - confirmed it all! After two long days, Little Miss L. was now able to zip down the slide, and swing as high as the clouds. I have a feeling she likes it as she said to us before heading to bed last night, "I think I need to go outside and say goodnight to my playground," and as soon as she woke up this morning, she ran into our room and told us it was time to go out and play. 

As the boys worked hard outside, I was being spoiled inside as my momma made us lots of scrumptious food, and helped me around the house all weekend long. We were one lucky family this weekend and we would like to thank all of you for helping us, you have provided our children with years of entertainment.
The boys get started. There were about a trillion pieces.
This is Little Miss L.'s "why, is the slide not up yet?" face.
Baby D showing off his new teeth.
Baby D loves tasting new food.
The playground after day 1.
The playground is finished! We have one very happy girl.
Little Miss L.'s first swing on her new playground. I have to say it is one good looking piece!
She could swing for hours, and I mean hours!
Ready to go for a slide...
Yippee! This is the life!!

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  1. What a beautiful play structure!!! Love it.

  2. We love it too! I think the kids will have many great memories playing on this set.