Friday, January 10, 2014

christmas morning

I love love love Christmas. Yes, it is always fun to rip open a big ol' present but I love how this time of year brings family and friends together. I love starting new traditions with our family and also carrying on those from my childhood.

We spent our Christmas morning in low-key fashion. We all cuddled in our bed until everyone was up and ready to head to the living room to see if Santa had made his appearance. The kids all giggled as they told us stories about how Santa and his reindeer had been flying all night and filling their bellies up with lots of yummy treats. They wondered how it was possible for Santa to eat all these scrumptious goodies.

After everyone was up and ready to head to the tree, they made a mad dash down the hall. Excited squeals came pouring out as they reached the tree. It was a blur of wrapping paper, toys, clothes and laughter as they went through their Christmas stash. I loved watching their faces light up with excitement when they showed each other what they had received.

After the madness slowed down it was time for us to enjoy some breakfast. We went with crepes - a favourite around here. Wish I could have shared a few photos but we were all too hungry to snap a picture. After our bellies were filled, we relaxed and enjoyed our new gifts.

Then, for the afternoon, it was off to my parents' house for Christmas dinner. More on that tomorrow.
Really, not too sure you should hug me so tight, sister.
Wow, look at this!
Look guys, Santa and the reindeer ate their goodies but left some crumbs.
Chilling as the tornado of wrapping paper happened all around him.
I am blessed to have all of this on Christmas morning.
Little Miss L. was thrilled with her new Hello Kitty neckless. Thanks TuTu Chic Boutique. 
Cool, sandals for the summer.
Mr.D was super excited about his new airplane and airport. He had played like for hours. 

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