Wednesday, January 15, 2014

christmas day

I always look forward to Christmas day... the gathering of family, yummy food and just relaxing. This year, we headed to my parents house for a fun-filled afternoon. The last three years, my parents have been so kind as to dress up as Santa and his Elf. I love watching the kiddos expressions as they see the pair enter the room. Each year brings new reactions and conversations. Little Miss L. is one smart cookie and is starting to question if they are the real deal. I just hope we can continue this tradition a few years longer.

Mr. D is not a big fan of Santa or his Elf. It took a little convincing before he stepped up and chatted with the big guy. I guess the promise of a gift may have pushed his button. Baby I just enjoyed staring at the pair and loved wrapping his tiny little fingers around Santa's beard.

After our special guests departed, it was time to fill our bellies, listen to Christmas tunes and enjoy each others' company. Thank you to my parents for hosting a fabulous day and spoiling our children and the big kids. Having children just brings a whole other element to the holidays and I absolutely love it!
Hanging out with Uncle Brady.
Look who has arrived!
I love the pure joy on Little Miss L. and Mr. D's face.

Little Miss L. and Santa had a great chat.
Mr. D was not having any of this sitting on Santa's lap business.
Santa with his grandbabies.
Baby I loved the big guy's curly beard.
Just chilling with Santa and Elf.
Look, Santa has something for you. I think I may keep my distance.
Okay, I guess I can give you a little handshake.
Elf and Santa were getting a little naughty!
Helping Uncle Brady open his gifts.
Mr. D was excited for some new books. He love love loves to read.
All this Christmas stuff is tiring.
Little Miss L. and great grandma.
This guy was doing a happy dance because he scored this new hat.

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