Thursday, January 30, 2014

4 months

Wow, baby boy, you are four months old already! I keep repeating myself but it sure does feel like we welcomed you into this world only a few short days ago. Each day I wake to find a happy little boy smiling back at me. You have the best giggles, I could seriously listen to you giggle all day long. You still have not mastered the roll but you are working very hard on it. We went to your 4 month check up the other day and you are tipping the scales at 14.5 pounds. You are in the 90th percentile for height, that I can vouch for because you are wearing 9-12 sleepers and pants. You had two needles and you took them like a champ. Your big brother was there by your side to hold your hand and gave you big kisses and hugs afterwards. He even said you could hold his precious toy car.

You are always watching daddy and mommy very carefully while we are eating. We thought it was about time we introduced you to solids. You absolutely loved your cereal. Mommy can not seem to make it fast enough. We haven't got you back to sleeping through the night but after filling your belly up, it seems like you have been sleeping longer hours.

I like to call you my little chatter box. You are always chatting away to anyone who will listen. Let's just say if your stuffies could talk, they might tell you to lay off on all the yelling you have been doing at them.

I love the great big hugs you have been giving me. You could lay off on the hair pulling as mommy can't afford to lose any more hair.

Soon we will be celebrating your first Valentine's Day. Get ready for lots of hugs and smooches that day! Pin It

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