Friday, April 5, 2013

easter 2013

I love excuses to get together with family and friends and any excuse to fill my belly with delicious food is a good one. Easter weekend was no exception and I sure did indulge (I even switched into my comfy pants before I ate my big meal.) This Easter was a little more low-key but I was more than happy with not having to run around from place-to-place. We headed to my parents this year and the kiddos were so excited to have a sleepover - the only concern expressed by Little Miss L. was whether the Easter Bunny would realize we were not at home and then have to come to grandma's house.

We started our weekend off with a quick visit to the mall where the kiddos had a chance to meet the Easter Bunny and get their picture taken. Little Miss L. was excited to see the ball of fluff but Baby D on the other hand had a similar episode as his encounter with Santa... he wasn't loving it!

After our visit with the bunny, it was time to head back to my parents where the kids enjoyed an outdoor egg-hunt their grandparents had set-up. I love love loved the fact that Baby D finally got the idea of the ol' egg-hunt and enjoyed running about filling his basket with his finds. Afterwards, it was time to fill our bellies with scrumptious food. Boy, I have to give props to my parents because they always know how to get it right and no one ever leaves with an empty tummy. We were all in a turkey coma and headed straight to bed as the bunny could not come until we were fast asleep.

We woke to a beautiful sunrise, I just love that my parents decided to take the plunge and move to the river. They have the most beautiful view each and every day. Little Miss L. was so excited to see if the bunny had eaten his carrot and left them any goodies in return. As she hit the ground running with a huge smile on her face, they kiddos were not disappointed as goodies were found all over the house.

Baby D has been under the weather for awhile, so we did, however, cut our trip a little short. It was a wonderful weekend spent with people I can't get enough of...
Egg hunting with grandpa.
Two very happy kids.
Someone loves his egg-hunt.
Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend!
Looking good Nan at 87, dressed in her spring colours and ready for some sweets.
More Easter goodies.
I love love love the sweet stuff mom.
One of her favourite gifts. Thanks Aunt Karon and Uncle Gord.
I could wake up to this everyday. 
He ate the carrot. Look at those teeth marks.
Our little bunny.
On the hunt.
Loved his new truck.

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