Friday, October 19, 2012

painting in a bag

Painting in a bag, it's just that simple! I have often caught myself saying several times this fall that I wish the trees would stay their stunningly vibrant colours all year long. The landscape just seems more alive, but with the winter months approaching, the leaves are falling and I am wishing I could stick each and every one of those pretty little leaves back onto their tree.

The kids have enjoyed the fall months just as much as I have as they provide unlimited opportunities for some colourful artwork. As the leaves fall to the ground, I am not quite ready to say goodbye to those bright colours. When I need a few minutes to start dinner or even put on some make-up, I turn to one of my favourite go-to activites to keep the kids busy for a few minutes (let's be honest, their attention span these days are VERY short) - one that does not create a huge mess for me to clean up - PAINTING IN A BAG! It's so simple. I whip out my trusty ZipLock Bags, squirt some paint into the bag, press out the excess air, zip it up and tape the top for extra security. The kids love finger painting and I love love love the no mess clean up!

If the kids have ants in their pants, I love taping the bags to the patio door so they can paint in a bag without having to be confined to a chair. This activity is great for all ages. It is simple, fun, and let's not forget, most importantly, mess-free!

Happy painting everyone!

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