Wednesday, October 10, 2012

birthday pancakes

We just wanted to send out a great big thank you to everyone who called, sent messages, stopped in for a visit to wish our little girl a fabulous 3rd birthday. She appreciates it more than you know. Everyone has been a little under the weather around here but we still made sure we celebrated the day with lots of hugs and singing. Little Miss L. made sure the Happy Birthday song was repeated several times throughout the day.

Little Miss L. requested pancakes, home-fries and bacon for her birthday dinner. Who were we to disappoint? Little Miss L. had a great birthday dinner spent with her Uncle Brady and to finish off the night, she received a surprise visit from Grandma and Biba who came bearing a yummy birthday cake.

Little Miss L. sends lots of hugs to everyone!
Was happy to see her request of pancakes with a pink candle was fulfilled.
Time to blow out the candle.
Birthday cheers!
Seriously, when is this party going to be over?
Grandma and Biba brought over an outfit fitting for a princess on her big day.
Cake time!
The best part is.... more candles to blow out.

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