Tuesday, October 9, 2012

our little turkey is 3

Dear daughter,

Today we celebrate your 3rd birthday. You have grown so much over the past year. Daddy and I are always amazed at the things you say and do. Each and every day, we wake up to a beautiful daughter who greets us with the biggest smile and hug. You are loving, kind-hearted, intelligent, free spirited, energetic, adventurous, a great big sister and down right funny. Daddy and I try our best to be the best parents to you as we can be - you make it easier each and every day when you tell us how much you love us and wrap those little arms around us as tight as you can. There are so many things we love about you, here are a few...

  • The way your face lights up as you introduce your brother to others. You are so proud to be a big sister.
  • The way you like to keep things clean and organized (just like mommy) The best is when you walk into a room and say "What is this mess? We need to clean it up right now!"
  • The way you look at mommy and daddy when you are trouble and say " I didn't now you were there!?"
  • When we ask you if something is a good idea or whether you would like something, your answer is always "sure I do."
  • The way you always yell "higher, higher" when we push you on the swing. Girl, you are almost touching the clouds.
  • You are the best giver of hugs. 
  • The way you come up to mommy and daddy and whisper " I love you" into our ears for no particular reason.
  • We love you for being the baby whisperer, as you always know if your brother needs his bottle or a change.
  • You always know the perfect time to change the subject.
  • You are always eager to learn. You love learning new languages.
  • The way you always think of others before yourself. 
Baby girl, there are so many things that make us proud of you. In the past year, you have welcomed a little brother into your life with open arms, you have ventured out on your own and attended dance class, you are able to count into the 20's, you know your abc's, you know how to make daddy his coffee, you know how to wash your dishes on your own, you know how to hop on one foot, you know how to sing in three different languages, you are really good at asking questions and you know how to make the best chocolate chip cookies.

We love you little turkey, keep on smiling, keep your sense of humor, and never stop being the most loving little girl.

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Mommy and Daddy
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