Monday, April 4, 2011

sugar bush...pancakes...funday

Spring is finally in the air and it was about time we got out of the house. This past weekend, we decided to hit up a local sugar bush - I mean who doesn't like fresh maple syrup?!?! Little Miss L. had a blast and I love love love being outdoors. It was a perfect morning filled with many fun activities; we will be sure to return when the berries are ripe for the picking this summer.

Sunday morning, daddy decided to make Little Miss L. and myself some delicious homemade pancakes to try with the syrup we purchased the day before. Let's just say daddy has some mad pancake making skills! Sunday afternoon was filled with laughter and joy as several family members came over for lunch. Little Miss L. loved having playmates for the afternoon and we loved the fact she was in bed an extra hour earlier because she was so tired out. The hubby and I finally broke out the boxes and started to pack, as we are counting down the days until we move into our new home!
Our transportation - a horse-drawn hay ride through the maple bush.
Little Miss L. was unsure of what to think of these big hairy creatures. She kept pointing out the horses had boogers coming out of their nose.
Daddy telling Little Miss L. she has nothing to worry about - she decided that she would give them a high five.
The syrup shack where they make pure maple syrup.
We had a chance to hit the trails around the bush and see the sap being collected into buckets.
Little Miss L. and daddy checking out the sap.
Watching as the sap is transformed into pure maple syrup.
Little Miss L. had the chance to make maple taffy on ice.
Taffy is so very yummy!
Little Miss L.'s first taste of taffy.
Wow, this is some messy stuff, but so gooood!!!
We had quite the fight getting the taffy away from her. As you can see, she decided to make a run for it... no way was she giving this sugary treat up - not in a million years!
Mommy and Little Miss L. checking out the tipis. 
We stopped by the petting farm where Little Miss L. loved the pigs - they made funny noises.
She wasn't to sure what to think of the goats - I think this picture explains it all.
To end our trip, Daddy and Little Miss L. enjoyed some playtime.

Banana pancakes.

Little Miss L. enjoying her pancakes.

All the little ones showing us their dance moves.
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