Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have been debating for several weeks now if Little Miss L. was ready to join an organized gymnastic class.  So many questions ran through my mind: Will she have fun in an organized setting? Will she understand she needs to listen to another adult besides her parents? Will she get along with other children in this type of atmosphere? Does she have the strength and coordination to take on such a class? I checked out several local gymnastic centers and decided this week I would take the opportunity to join one of their drop-in classes. The drop-in class allows Little Miss L. to have one full hour of free play in a safe and fun environment. It would give me the opportunity to watch and maybe answer some of the questions I stated above.

Yesterday morning, we put on our jackets and boots and headed out the door to an unknown territory. Once the initial meet and greet happened, Little Miss L. was free to do whatever her little heart desired. For an hour straight, my little girl did not stop running, jumping, climbing and swinging all over the place and she loved every minute of it. As she interacted with children, I knew she would have no problem in future classes with social interaction. During the hour, there were several staff members who came and asked Little Miss L. to complete a task (like climbing through a tube or jumping on the trampoline) and not once did she ignore them - she listened and watched as they demonstrated and then copied what she had just watched. I realized as I observed my daughter running and jumping - she was more capable and stronger than I gave her credit for. All this to say that I am glad we made it to the drop-in class and I will definitely be back again next week. For the time being, I think I will hold off on organized classes not because I do not think Little Miss L. is capable but I like the flexibility drop-in classes provide.

If you have an energy-filled child, check-out your local gymnastic center and see if they have the option for a drop-in class available. I promise you will not be disappointed, this is great way to foster your child's physical and intellectual growth.
We had a moment when Little Miss L. thought she was superman and could fly off the trampoline. After several times explaining she must step off - this is the look I received (yes, my daughter has an attitude)
See Momma? I told you I could jump off without falling... my little gymnast in training.
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