Friday, February 28, 2014

winter family photos

Photo credits to Nicole Marie Photography
There have been many posts I have been wanting to share with all of you but this momma of three is trying her very best the last few months to learn how to function as a family of five with 3 kiddos who for the most part have been sick, running two businesses, trying to fit all the other fun stuff such as keeping our home from looking like a bomb went off, trying to take the mountain of laundry down to a wee size hill and making sure that when we open the fridge, there is something to eat inside. Wow, did you notice I have wrote "trying" several times. It is taking everything in me to make it through the last few months as I have been one exhausted momma. I can't wait for the winter weather to be over and the warm sun to lift my spirits.

Well, with that said, I was searching through the computer the other night when I came across the family photos we had taken right before Christmas. I realized I did not share these with all of you and definitely wanted too. As I have mentioned before, I am usually the one who is behind the camera and rarely have any photos with all of us. All I wanted for Christmas was a family photo.

I was lucky enough to meet a very talented photographer at a workshop. After chatting, I realized Nicole did not live too far away from us. I quickly asked her if she would be willing to take our family photos.

It was a very and very cold day, but I was determined to make it work. Let's just say as it always turns out when it comes to getting our photos done, the kids were not in the mood. They all whined and complained about the weather, having to listen to instructions and wanting to go and eat while we were supposed to be posing as one big happy family. In the end, Nicole was able to work her magic and here are a few from our session.

Don't forget to head on over to check out the talented Nicole from Nicole Marie Photography

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