Monday, February 24, 2014

5 months

We have hit the 5 month mark folks! The last month has been a tough one, baby boy... you have been teething and fighting an awful ear infection. Our happy and giggling baby was replaced with a little boy who wants to be held 24/7 as he can't get comfortable. We have spent several nights walking the house as you refuse to sleep. Both mommy and daddy are walking zombies these days. Mommy has been pouring hot water into her cup without the tea bag and wondering why her tea is not ready to drink. I have been placing items that should be in the refrigerator in cupboards, let's just say those items have now been tossed in the garbage bin. Your poor sister has gone to school with parts of her lunch missing. Your brother had to inform me that he could not leave the house because he had no pants. Sigh, we have our fingers crossed you are on the mend and this daze we are in will pass shortly.

On another note, you have been a rolling machine! As soon as you are placed on the bed or floor, you are quick to turn over. This is making changing your diaper extremely difficult. You have mastered blowing bubbles and love love love to do the motor boat as soon as we place a spoonful of food in your mouth. You are eating cereal, carrots, peas and sweet potatoes. You love your sweet potatoes and can get quite angry when there is none left.

Your giggle is still infectious and I swear the other day I heard you say mum (wishful thinking) I swear you are going to be our only child to say mum first or so I hope. You are becoming stronger and stronger as the days pass and your personality is beginning to shine. You are obsessed with your toes and I don't blame you - they are the sweetest things ever!

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