Giveaway Policies

  1. Each giveaway is donated by a company or individual mentioned in each giveaway post. It allows them to gain a little exposure by donating free stuff to our lovely readers.
  2. inlovewiththesmallthings facilitates these giveaways but do not actually give anything away or mail any prizes.  The company who sponsors the giveaway is directly responsible therefore we cannot be held responsible for any prize that is not received as we are not involved with the prize’s shipment or delivery. Any issues involving the shipment, delivery, receipt, (or quantity, quality, etc.) of a prize must be taken up directly with the company who sponsored the giveaway.   inlovewiththesmallthings assumes no responsibility for the shipment or receipt of prizes as that falls upon the individual sponsor of each giveaway.
  3. There is no purchase necessary to enter any giveaway, so anyone who is able to comment is eligible to win. We’re sure to identify where the prize can be shipped on a case-by-case basis, so location may be a factor in some contests while others are open for all.
  4. inlovewiththesmallthings, as operated by Shanna DaSilva, reserves the right to execute any contest or giveaway on at their discretion and determine winners as they see fit and as they see fair. Rules, entry guidelines, prizes, and eligibility for a contest may be changed at any time and without notice. Prize providers reserve the right to terminate a contest at any time and blog readers will be notified if and why this occurs.
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