Tuesday, September 9, 2014

10&11 months

Wow, what a summer it has been! With the beautiful weather, my photography business has been busier than ever causing me to put other passions of mine temporarily on hold, such as blogging as you have noticed. That being said, we did decide to put the madness on hold for two weeks and take a real vacation - out of town, disconnected, in a little cottage by the ocean. As a result, once again, I'm combining two months of baby I's progress into a single post, and as you'll see, we have some amazing progress to share...

In your 10th month, you saw the ocean for the first time. You learned the thrill of soft sand between your toes and, of course, in your mouth. You were intrigued by seaweed and could not figure out now to avoid getting soaked by waves. While mom and dad tried to relax, you decided to work harder than ever to go beyond steps and take your first walk in that little cottage by the ocean. Amazingly, you did this in your 10th month and dad managed to catch it all on his phone! Cleverly, you perfected the 3-, 4- and 5-step on that soft sand, forgiving on the bum as you took some fantastic spills. Since then, you haven't stopped...

Now in month 11, you walk like a boss - people are shocked to see this little baby walking around like he's being doing it for years. In fact, you are now running reminding mommy and daddy the importance of child-proofing the house.You are fascinated by bags, picking up daddy's empty lunch bag and walking around like you are going to work. You like to pick up your sister's purses load them with toy cars and walk around with a cheeky look on your face. You keep growing taller and with all the running, you are slimmer than ever - looking more and more like your father every day except for that light blond hair. Also like dad, your appetite is ferocious, eating anything and everything you can get your hands on. You are no longer a fan of pureed foods, opting for finger foods and yogourt, lots of yogourt. The other night, while celebrating mom & dad's anniversary at a brasilian steakhouse, you devoured lamb, chicken, various cheeses, vegetables and somehow managed to eat until beyond when mom & dad gave up.

Your attention span is much longer and we love to watch you entertain yourself as well as play with your brother and sister. You love love love toy cars, watching them zoom down the slide and fly across the room. You get so into books, if we didn't know better, we'd think you could read. You climb everything - it's a regular occurrence to see you on top of a table after stacking chairs and toys next to it. You would think with all this running and climbing that you would be exhausted and sleep through the night... not. even. close.

After making mommy happy for many weeks with you chanting of "mum, mum, mum" you seem to have forgotten that sound now calling out for "da, da, da" - ouch. You seem to care less about talking as you can communicate very well with your eyes, facial expressions and by smashing your head when not happy. I suspect that will change very soon...

Baby I, your first year is wrapping up and we can't wait to celebrate that milestone with you... in fact, we've completely procrastinated on planning a party, so here's to hoping mom and dad can pull something off worthy of such a wonderful little boy we love so much.
Baby I was a big fan of the beach.

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