Friday, October 4, 2013

baby i has arrived!

Happy Friday! Did you guys think I had disappeared? Well, I have been in my own little bubble the last few weeks as our family welcomed a new member last month. We are happy to announce baby I arrived and is healthy, happy and surrounded by so much love.

I wanted to share this exciting news with all of you earlier but each day would come and go and I still had not opened up my laptop. I have been getting to know my precious son and can't seem to put him down. I could hold him all day long and never get bored or tired of looking at him. Big sister and brother have been great. They are absolutely over the moon happy to have a new member in the house. They are constantly checking on him to make sure he is okay and if he is upset, big sister is right there to scope out the situation.

Time is flying by and I haven't shared any pics of our little man who is two weeks old today. So, the wait is over... here is a sneak peak of baby I's first and second day in this big world he is about to explore. I hope to be able to catch you all up shortly as we have been a busy family over the last few weeks. So, until then, check out this handsome fellow - he sure knows how to melt my heart.
First picture with mommy and daddy.
You would think after having two children you would remember how small they are but I was amazed once again.
He made us wait but it was worth it.
Hello sunshine. Thanks for the hat TuTu Chic Boutique!
I love love love baby toes.
Daddy has fallen in love all over again. I will never get sick of seeing daddy with his babies.
This little one is always thinking. He always has his hands on his face.
My sleeping angel. 
Having some cuddle time with mommy.
I am confident to say that Baby I has received a million kisses already.

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